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If your property has caught fire and you have a water sprinkler system installed, you’ll be safe from the fire but water sprinklers create a mess of their own. Your property will not be flooded by water sprinkled through your ceilings, but it will fry up electronics, appliances and other goods that aren’t waterproof.

How do you take care of the problem? Well, you don’t. You just call professionals who are capable of handling these kinds of situations without haste. At Premier Restoration Services, which is one of the best restoration firms in Santa Fe Springs, our team specializes in restoring your goods and property to its original condition.

Due to the flooding of water caused by water sprinklers, your property will become susceptible to mold growth and other pathogens that are not only contagious but actually weaken the structure of your building drastically.

Other than that, your the atmosphere also becomes difficult to breath in due to the damp environment, which can become a breeding ground for illnesses in the upper respiratory tract system, cough, asthma, hypersensitivity, pneumonitis etc.

To keep yourself safe from such sickening diseases, we recommended that you contact us right away so we can sort out the problem quickly and reliably. Want to know about methods and procedures we employ while removing excess water caused by sprinklers and prevent the growth of mold, fungi and other pathogens in your living space? Here is what we do to deal with water sprinkler damage:

Shutting off the Water Drain from Sprinklers
When you give us a distress call, we dispatch a team of professionals at your location, who are well-versed in taking care of such situations. Water drainage must be shut off in order to assure that your assets are not damaged more than they already have.

Draining out Excess Water from Your Property
Once we shut off the supply of water, we use state of the art equipment to make sure that water is properly taken care of. We have powerful vacuum pumps, dehumidifiers and other equipment that helps us clear out every last drop.

Drying and Dehumidifying the Area
Once we have sucked every bit of water from your property, we make sure that the atmosphere of your property is nice and pleasant; we use dehumidifiers and air fresheners to return the air in your living space back to normal.

Things You Should Know
If you have been caught in the middle of water sprinkler flooding, there are a few things that you should know in order to keep yourself safe as well as your property:

● Keep yourself away from damp surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors as they can electrocute you within seconds often resulting in death. Water conducts electricity –very well so it’s best to keep away.

● Do not touch electrical supplies, sockets, and appliances – in a damp environment, these become good conductors of electricity and can cause severe trauma that can lead to death.

● Try not to remedy the situation on your own. These hazards can and should be restored only by professionals as they have a vast experience in handling such situations while getting you to safety.

It is highly recommended that you call us immediately by dialling (562) 842-1414 so we can dispatch our crew members to reach you instantly. We ensure you that our services are one of the best restoration services in Santa Fe Springs and we have state of the art equipment to fuel the restoration process.