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When there’s a fire threat to your property there’s also the possibility of smoke lingering around even after the fire has been put out, which can cause plenty of damage on its own. While smoke is not as deadly as fire, it is lethal if inhaled. Due to its rich carbon dioxide content, it can suffocate you to death in just a matter of minutes. Many people who fall victim to fires often lose their lives due to inhaling excessive smoke rather than being consumed by the fire.

Prolonged exposure to smoke is extremely harmful to your health and can lead to debilitating health conditions down the line.

Having a mix of fire and smoke is highly dangerous and you should call for help immediately to help you get out these dire circumstances as soon as possible.

Our team are experts in handling situations like these and we have one of the best equipment available to fight smoke. If you are wondering how we get rid of these smoke problems, here is how:

Extinguishing the Fire
To clean out all the smoke from your property, we first extinguish the source. Once our team is able to put out the fire, they’ll immediately ventilate the area so that the existing smoke can find its way out of the house.

Ventilating the area when there is fire, will cause the fire to spread even faster and than before – which is one of the reasons we must completely extinguish the fire first. Other reasons include putting it out so no excess smoke is emitted, avoiding your property from further damages while ensuring that your lives are not in danger.

Clearing Your Property
Cleaning a smoky area requires a lot of effort, experienced professionals and a handful of equipment to get rid of the health hazards, unpleasantness and foul smell of smoke. We have anti-smoke products and equipment we use to suck out any smoke residue left behind once the area has been properly ventilated.

We sanitize and restore the environment by using industrial grade air-fresheners to make the air breathable and free of any carbon dioxide. We use state of the art carbon dioxide detectors to make sure that the environment is breathable again.

Cleaning up the Mess
Unlike fire, smoke doesn’t burn your property to the ground but it does ruin your interior decor, ceilings and walls. This is where we come in. We have specialists who make sure that smoke residues are gotten rid of properly. We paint the areas where we find smoke spots, use cleansers and polishes to wipe out smoke from your ceilings and walls.

When we are done restoring your property back to its original shape, you won’t even believe there was fire or smoke inside your living space. This is how good we are at performing restoration services. As a matter of fact, we are one of the best restoration firms in Santa Fe Springs.

Things You Should Know
As you reach for the phone when in the middle of a fire or smoke calamity, keep the following in mind:

● Always avoid breathing in smoke – it is highly toxic and can literally kill you; there are high chances that you’ll also suffer a number of diseases afterwards such as severe coughing and lung conditions.

● If you see smoke spreading throughout the property, try your best to escape while staying low to avoid as much smoke as possible.

● It is recommended that you crawl towards the escape route. Smoke is a warm gas and it lifts upwards; you’ll have breathable air on the floor which is why it is recommended to crawl in these kinds of situations.

● Never ventilate the area. It may help get rid of smoke but fire is susceptible to spread faster in ventilated areas due to higher oxygen levels.

● Never try to deal with situation such as these on your own. Always call professionals for help to ensure the safety of your lives and property.

If you are looking for stellar restoration services with experienced professionals that respond to emergency situations quickly don’t hesitate to call us right away at (562) 842-1414. Try us out and we are certain that you won’t be disappointed.