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While fire and water damages are mainly responsible for laying your property and possessions to waste, backing up of sewers is still one of the worst problems you might unexpectedly end up dealing with.

Whether it’s your home or a commercial or office building – sewer backups are inevitable when your sewer system is not properly taken care of.

There are multiple reasons that cause sewers to backup. Here is a list:

● Rusty and old sewer systems
● Clogged pipelines that are interlinked
● Blockages due to growing tree roots
● Clogged main sanitary system
● Excess water in the basement

What are the ill effects of sewer backup? There are plenty, unfortunately. We all know that sewer fluid is sickening. If sewers back up, they can cause much harm to your property and the environment in your living space. Backed up sewers lead to the breeding of viruses that can affect your health quite badly.

Sewerage lines are breeding grounds for a multitude of diseases, viruses, bacteria, infections, insects and creatures that reside in your property through backup of sewerage lines.

It is very important to call a seasoned restoration firm like ours to get rid of this nuisance and make sure that you are not susceptible contracting diseases as a result. Symptoms that arise due to sewage water exposure can be hard to diagnose and can cause severe illnesses down the line.

Sewerage water also leads to the growth of pathogens like mold and fungi, which not only sounds unpleasant but also cause health concerns, particularly for people with weak immune systems.

Call us at Premier Restoration Services so that our team of professionals reach at your doorstep as soon as possible and take good care of the sewer backup problem in a jiffy. We believe in transparency and would like to share our methods and processes when it comes to the restoration of your property.

Here is what we do when your sewers are backing up:
Taking Care of the Sewer Backup Problem

Every cause has its effect and vice versa. This is why our team’s first priority is to inspect the source of the problem. Once our team has identified the source, they immediately get to work so that the sewer backup doesn’t create a bigger mess than it already has.

After putting a cap on the source of the problem, our crew gets busy in the cleaning process; they clean up the place using cutting edge equipment and extract all excess sewer fluid from your property.

Sanitation and Restoration of Goods
Sanitation is necessary to perform as a follow up due to the hazardous effects that sewer fluid has on your health. We use high quality sanitation products and cleaning materials to sanitize your property so that no residue of germs, bacteria, viruses, pathogens or allergens remain.

It ensures that the air you are breathing is totally harmless and does not contain any kind of virus, bacteria or pathogen that can affect your health.

After the cleaning and sanitation process, our crew members head on to check for goods and supplies that are damaged due to the sewer backup.

As our crew members are highly trained professionals, they make sure that all your belongings are repaired on the spot or they are replaced with a new one, if they are beyond repair. Don’t worry about the costs though. If you have an insurance policy covering up all the damages of your property, they’ll take care of it. We’ll see to it that they do.

Things You Should Know
When your property is devoured by disgusting sewerage water, here is what you need to know:

● If you find out the source of the sewer backup, just let everyone know and see to it that no one tries to explore this any further.

● Do not ever touch sewerage fluid as it is highly contagious and can lead to severe diseases.

● If you are present at the time of the sewerage backup, vacate the premises right away and give us a call.

All you have to do is give us a call at (562) 842-1414 and let us know about the sewer backup. We’ll dispatch highly trained individuals who are experienced in handling such situations. We provide stellar restoration services and our price plans are very affordable. This is why we are known as one of the best restoration companies in Santa Fe Springs.