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If your property is insured against calamities, your insurance company pays all the expenses it takes to restore your living space back to its normal condition. However, when the time comes to avail insurance, these companies often refuse to pay for the restoration in full. They’re excuses is not something you need at a time like this.

This is where Direct Insurance Billing comes in. Avail our direct insurance billing service so we can see to it that your damages are covered in full payment as is governed by the insurance policy.

We know all the gimmicks and tricks these insurance companies try to pull and know perfectly well how to counter them. To make sure that these companies pay in full, you should avail our direct insurance billing service.

Our company’s representatives who deal with insurance companies are well-versed with the rules and regulations of insurance policies and this is why they are able to counter their moves seamlessly and get them to pay the full amount owed to you.

You may not be aware of the tactics these insurance companies use to wiggle out of payments. Therefore, we highly recommend using our direct insurance billing service.

Thanks to our direct insurance billing process, all of your goods’ costs are paid in full, including the expense of our services and the cost of repairs and restoration of your property. Go with our direct insurance billing service and you won’t have to face unnecessary run-arounds with insurance companies.

At Premier Restoration Services, it is our responsibility to make sure that you are unburdened from the stress of repair costs. Leave it up to us so we can get your insurance company to honor their obligation and take care of the costs.

If you have insured your property for calamities, natural disasters and other damages then you don’t need to pay a single penny. We’ll contact your insurance company so that they cover all expenses pertaining to your property’s restoration.

Just give us a call at (562) 842-1414 and we will dispatch our team of professionals right away to make sure you and your property are out of harm’s way.