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Many restoration companies will charge a hefty price for commercial restoration; as a result, people often take matter into their own hands in order to deal with the situation quickly, while avoiding those costs. This can prove to be deadly and you should always hire a professional to properly assess the situation before beginning restorative procedures.

We understand how important it is for you to have a high quality restoration service that also agrees with your budget.

We are happy to offer commercial restoration services at highly affordable rates. We believe in sustaining all our customer relationships over the years, which is why you’ll rarely have any reservations when it comes to the cost of commercial restoration.

We know that keeping costs low while providing a quality service is of the highest order. Honestly, you will never have a reason to complain about our rates or the service we extend to you.

Speaking of services, here is what we offer our corporate clients:

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire is something that has lead to thousands of deaths and left many families at a grave loss due to its devouring nature. We know how deadly it can be if the cause is not mitigated instantly. In just a matter of minutes, it can completely destroy properties, if given the chance.

Without the right proper fire extinguishing equipment, you stand little chance of saving your property, and God forbid, the lives of your loved ones. In case of a fire, do not hesitate to call us right away.

It’s our job to help prevent the fire from spreading to the rest of your property.
Smoke Removal
Once the fire is taken care of, there’s the nuisance of having to deal with smoke. We’ll take care of that too. Our team is equipped with the skills and equipment to remove any smoke residue without haste. We see to it that your living space is free of any smoke which can be deadly if inhaled. Smoke contains the highly toxic carbon dioxide – a silent killer for all living organisms.

Water Damage Restoration
What’s unsettling to know is that water can have the same destructive abilities as fire. While it doesn’t engulf you property whole like fire does, it can significantly weaken the structure of your property, causing it to collapse after some time. And you don’t want to be around when that happens.

If your property has been the site of any water damage, you should call us right away so we can start reversing the damages before restoring your property back to its original state.

The moment we reach the disaster site, we ensure that the source of the water damage is taken care of immediately so we can start restoring your place piece by piece.

Mold Growth Prevention
The effects of water damage do not stop once the source has been identified and remedied. Damp property becomes a breeding ground for mold, fungi and other bacteria which can be very unpleasant, unhygienic and harmful to your health, not to mention the damage it can do to your property.

To prevent mold and fungi from breeding in your living space, we make sure that everything is dried off and dehumidified properly.

Sprinkler Damage Restoration
Have a sprinkler system installed in your property is great as helps extinguish fires fast. However, it causes damage to your electronics, appliances and other household products.

Water sprinklers can also leave your hall and rooms flooded, which is why you need immediate restoration services. We make sure that your items are properly repaired or replaced (if necessary) and your property is cleaned, dried off and sanitized completely.

We inspect your living space for breeding bacteria such as mold or fungi and exterminate it to help prevent your property and building structure from weakening.

This is one of the very reasons corporate clients hire us. Most insurance companies play their gimmicks and avoid paying you in full. Direct insurance billing insures you are paid every penny that’s owed to you in order to cover the cost of repair and restoration work.

We believe in transparency and care deeply about our clients. We do not want to overburden them with expenses that they shouldn’t have to pay.

This is why we confront these insurance companies through certain policies and regulations which make it very difficult for them to sidestep to try and get out of their obligations.

With our direct insurance billing service, you will never be paying for something you aren’t required to. We see to it that your insurance company does.

Restorative Cleanup
Cleaning up the mess left behind by a naturally occurring calamity can be a really daunting task. This is why you need someone who specializes in restoring and cleaning up spaces, when they have been hit by a fire or water hazard.

Our crew comes highly trained and experienced and work tirelessly to ensure that your property is completely restored to the way it was.

This also includes sanitation and inspection of the property for mold, fungi and other hazardous viruses that pose a serious health concern.

Drying and dehumidifying the space is also one our team’s specialties, which is necessary when water floods your property and leaves behind a damp and unpleasant stench.

Sewer Backup Restoration
This is one of the most common yet most disgusting and annoying mess you might deal with. And it’s something you just cannot handle yourself. And to be fair, you shouldn’t have to.

Exposing yourself to sewer fluid can lead to severe diseases for which there isn’t an immediate cure. In addition to having a highly offensive and pungent smell, sewer fluid has a very level of toxicity that you should, under no circumstances, come into contact with.

Sewers are breeding grounds for bugs, bacteria, viruses and unimaginable diseases. Having the sewer backing up in your property is something that you just don’t want to deal with.

However, if something like that happens, don’t panic! Call us right away so we can handle everything for you.

No matter how big or small your office is, for us, it’s just a job that we do to make sure that you and your property are both safe and sound from long-term damages. Call us at (562) 842-1414 and make sure to avail our stellar restoration services